道光通宝 乾隆铜币




Daoguang Tongbao is one of the ancient Chinese coins. It was cast during the Daoguang reign of Emperor Xuanzong of the Qing Dynasty (1821-1850). Only a few coins of Daoguang Tongbao have stars and moon patterns on the back, as well as Chinese characters for recording land, year and value. The four-character "Daoguang Tongbao" in Qian Wen is read directly in regular script, and Qian Bei is in Manchu with a treasure bureau. Daoguang Tongbao’s shape and characteristics are basically the same as those of Jiaqing money. The only difference is that Xinjiang’s Jikesu and Kuqa began to fold five and ten appreciation for flat money due to lack of brass. This was the origin of the imaginary money in the Qing Dynasty.

The Qianlong Tongbao was the currency in circulation during the Qianlong period. During the 60 years of Emperor Qianlong’s reign, he used his strategy of “ruling martial arts” and created the last glorious age in feudal society. After that, it was widely worn by the people.

The "Qianlong Tongbao" copper coin can drive away disasters and ward off evil spirits. It is also a coin that is loved by later collectors because of the homonym of Qianlong "Qianlong".


The Daoguang Tongbao regular script was folded on the back of the Baoquan Bureau and was cast during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong and Daoguang. The form is the same as that of Jiaqing money, regular script in face, direct reading; in Manchu script, name of bureau: Quanyuan is straight Jiangsu, Nanchang, Wuchuan, Zhejiang, Fu, Shanxi, Guangxi, Guiyun, Dongqian, Yili, Aksu, Kuche, Baoxin. The Qianlong Tongbao was the currency in circulation during the Qianlong period. The money-faced script "Qianlong Tongbao" is written in regular script, and the characters are read directly from top to bottom and right to left. Qianlong Tongbao only saw asterisks or Chinese characters on the back of a few coins. Qianlong Tongbao also has combined face money, auspicious money, privately cast inferior money, goose eye money, etc. There are no less than a hundred types and are stored in the world.

There are several kinds of carved mothers, which are most precious.


The price of coins should be determined according to the quantity of coins handed down from generation to generation and market demand. This collection is classic, beautiful in appearance, regular in size and weight, and clear in font. It belongs to the best collection of hand-made coin.